Our Story

In the vibrant heart of Orange County, California, two friends with a shared passion for food embarked on a culinary journey in 2015. Aidan and Shaun, fueled by their diverse backgrounds and a deep love for Vietnamese cuisine, united their dreams and creativity to give birth to Nguyen’s Kitchen, a Vietnamese fast casual fusion restaurant that would forever redefine the dining scene in their community.

At Nguyen’s Kitchen, the two poured their hearts into crafting a menu that honored the rich traditions of Vietnamese cooking while infusing it with their unique twist. The focal point of their culinary vision was a commitment to fast, “made-to-order” dishes that are prepped daily with fresh ingredients.

One of the restaurant’s defining features was its devotion to authenticity. Aidan, with his Vietnamese heritage, brought the essence of his mother’s recipes to life, ensuring that each dish was a genuine representation of Vietnamese flavors. Shaun, inspired by his family’s culinary experiences, added a modern twist to classic dishes, resulting in a fusion that tantalized the taste buds.

As Nguyen’s Kitchen celebrated each milestone, expanding their reach beyond Orange County, Aidan and Shaun remained true to their original vision: to share their love for Vietnamese cuisine across all cultures in their community, creating a place where people could savor the flavors of Vietnam with a modern twist, all while feeling like being part of the Nguyen’s Kitchen family.

Top Location: $2.75M (Gross Sale)

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